We care deeply for our residents and employees and we will do our utmost to make everyone feel safe with us. In addition to the regular rules of the Pihlakodu nursing homes, we also follow the guidelines adopted by the Estonian Government, the Health Board, Social Insurance Board and other relevant institutions and we have introduced a number of additional safety precautions as well. 

Visiting, Parcels and Communication with residents

  • All visits have been suspended starting from 6 March, i.e. before the government made the relevant decision.
  • No parcels can be brought to residents. Only medicines are accepted; they have to be labelled and left at the designated place by the entrance.
  • Please call the number of the relevant department or floor in order to get information about the residents.
  • Subject to availability „virtual visiting” is arranged in the Pihlakodu nursing homes by using computers with Skype and web cameras.


  • We apply strict health security requirements and have zero tolerance towards working with symptoms of the disease: all employees are required to take sick leave and stay home when they develop symptoms.
  • We enforce rigorously the guidance of the Health Board and the Estonian Government concerning employees who have returned from a trip abroad – they are not allowed to commence work before they have been given permission.
  • Where possible, movement of employees between departments/floors is suspended in the Pihlakodu nursing homes.

Monitoring Health

  • We are carefully monitoring the state of health of our residents, we take their temperature regularly, at least every morning and evening.
  • Residents who fall ill are isolated in their room and provided treatment and care. We monitor the state of health of anyone who might have been in close contact with them.
  • We use disposable personal protective equipment when looking after residents with symptoms of the disease.
  • We shall call the ambulance if a resident’s state of health changes.
  • We have prepared isolation rooms, where we can apply more rigorous measures to prevent the virus from spreading, should such a need arise.

Group Activities

  • We have postponed all training events, concerts and other activities. All group activities (e.g. hobby groups, physical exercises etc) have been cancelled. Instead we encourage residents to stay in their rooms or in the open air in the courtyard.
  • Walks are organised in isolation by departments/floors.
  • Residents take their meals in separate rooms. Shared mealtimes of the employees have been suspended.

 Cleaning Measures

  • Surfaces that the residents come into contact with most frequently (door handles, switches, remote controls, frames of adjustable beds, armrests of walking aids etc) are cleaned and disinfected as frequently as possible every day.
  • Disinfectants are available in premises for general use and we make sure that residents sanitise their hands before mealtimes.
  • Floors are washed with a stronger cleaning agent and the highest possible water temperature is used for doing the dishes.
  • Deliveries are left at the front entrance and rubber gloves are used to manipulate the boxes.

If needed and subject to availability every Pihlakodu nursing home applies additional measures in their premises.

We thank you for your understanding concerning the above measures. It is our common duty to do everything we can to keep all our residents and employees healthy!


Kadri-Ann Tivas

Chairman of the Management Board of Viru Hospital